Waves of Hope Wine Tasting

On October 7th, the Baweja and Warner families hosted our inaugural Waves of Hope Wine Tasting event at the Ocean Institute in Dana Point, CA, raising more than $83,100 in support of CRD’s mission.

Naveen Baweja, one of the Waves of Hope hosts and father of two children living with ADSSL1, said in his speech, “Finding CRD, we finally found a glimmer of hope [for our family]. Hope is a pretty key word here especially tonight. People say hope is not a strategy… but hope is really important in your life. Hope is what really makes you put together a plan to achieve a target when it seems unattainable. Hope is what really makes you get up in the morning to do anything throughout the day to go through with your plan. Hope is what picks you up when you face failures and you will face failures.”

“One of the biggest things that I’ve learned from working with these families all over the world is that there is a real passion to really change the world. Yes, drug development is tough, life and death very much so, but when you see these individuals and folks come out to try and change an outcome that’s almost but prescribed, it’s really motivating,” Rich Horgan, Founder & CEO of Cure Rare Disease said at the event.

Attendees included family, friends, researchers & event sponsors Charles River Laboratories, Mammoth Bio, Forge Bio, Andelyn Bio & Crawford and Company. 

Thank you to both the Baweja & Warner Families for their hard work and dedication to making this event a success. 

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