KOMD 2022 Event Recap

The Curran Family hosts an annual event in honor of their son Conner called the Kindness Over Muscular Dystrophy (KOMD) Benefit and has raised over $1.7M since inception. 

On September 10th, the Curran Family raised over $306,000 at this year’s KOMD benefit.  Over 500 family members, friends and neighbors were in attendance. The event took place at the Captain Lawrence Brewing Company in Elmsford, NY with over 35 sponsors and vendors who supplied great music, fantastic food, Mr. Met and amazing memories.

Jess Curran, Conner’s Mom, spoke about heroes and her son in her message to her guests. “When we think about heroes, we may think of our favorite comic book hero like Superman or Captain America, Spiderman or Wonder Woman… A hero has a little something extra that separates them from the rest. They are brave, courageous and inspiring. When I think about these qualities, I see Conner.”

She continued with, “Our life story is already written and there is so much that we can’t control, but we are the author of our attitudes and that’s the part we can control. We all have cracks but that’s where the light shines through. You see Conner has been our hero all along, teaching us by example. We have been fighting so hard to save him but really, he’s been rescuing us all along.”

Jess ended her speech with, “You have all been placed here tonight for a reason. A very special reason, to help our son Conner live out his life and his dreams but also you are here to help all the boys with Duchenne… You have always been our champions, champions for a CURE.” 

Thank you to the Curran Family for an amazing event and all you do to help Cure Rare Disease!

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