How to Create a Facebook Fundraiser for Cure Rare Disease

One of the easiest ways to help Cure Rare Disease further our mission is to start a Facebook fundraiser. You can dedicate your birthday or celebrate a holiday in lieu of gifts, or dedicate in honor or memory of someone close to you. These steps and tips will show you how to create a successful fundraiser.

  1. First login to Facebook and go to:

  1. Details: On the left hand side of the page will show “Details”. This is where you can choose the amount of money you’d like to raise, the date you want your fundraiser to end, the title of your fundraiser and most importantly, WHY you are raising money. All of these are automatically filled in for you by Facebook, but we suggest to change them based on what theme fundraiser you would like to have. For example, if you are celebrating your birthday, type in “(your first name)’s Birthday Fundraiser for Cure Rare Disease” or if it’s in honor or memory of someone special, “Cure Rare Disease Fundraiser in memory/honor of (name)”. 

Once you figure out the title of your fundraiser, you want to work on your WHY. Why are you fundraising for CRD? You are helping CRD further its mission because you believe in the work we do. Facebook automatically fills this in, but you are more than welcome to add or take away what’s filled in for you. Make it personal by adding in if it’s in honor or memory of someone or if you are choosing donations in lieu of gifts. The personal touch will help make it successful. 

  1. Create: After you fill in the details, you are ready to hit the big blue button “Create”! This will finalize your fundraiser for you. 

Tips to be Successful

  • Make sure to thank everyone who makes a donation. You will get a notification that someone has made a donation and on the fundraiser page, you can tag them to say thank you. 
  • Text and email out your link to family and friends to let them know you are doing a fundraiser and you would appreciate their donation. 
  • If they can’t make the donation on Facebook, let them know they can still make a donation in honor of your fundraiser by sending a check or making a donation on the CRD website.