Honoring Medical Pioneer Terry Horgan

Thursday October 12th marked the one-year anniversary of brave and courageous Terry Horgan’s passing. 

Terry was a pioneer and a fighter who wanted to help find a cure for his awful disease. The Horgan family lived a life based on little Terry battling a disease that just takes and takes and takes. 

Until now, there have been few options for treatments and no cures. Terry’s older brother, Rich, started CRD to cure his brother, and has devoted his life to changing the path for those who suffer from Muscular Dystrophy. 

With CRD, we believe there will be an end to this cruel disease.

What the Horgan Family had to endure in the last year is unimaginable, but they did it for an ever so important reason, and with complete understanding of what the choice may bring.  

The result of the trial was beyond devastating and terrible but with it, science, necessary science. 

Choices are few when you battle Muscular Dystrophy, something Terry was all too aware of..

Please join our family in honoring remarkable and selfless Terry Horgan and his dedicated family, because of them we have great hope.

Thank you, Terry Horgan, you are our forever hero and you will always be remembered.

“A great soul serves everyone all the time.  A great soul never dies.  It brings us together again and again”  -  Maya Angelou

Terry Horgan is a great soul and is always in our hearts.

With endless gratitude and love,

The Sharp Family