5 Easy Ways to Make Egg Hunts More Accessible

Easter is this Sunday and everyone loves a good egg hunt! We have put together five easy ways to make sure all the kids can join in on the fun.

1. Tie Balloons to Eggs or Hang Them Up

Helium balloons tied to the eggs on the ground will make it easier for kids to pick up. Plus, who wouldn’t want a yard filled with beautiful balloons? You can also hang your eggs from trees or the ceiling with ribbon to make them eye level height.

2. Magnetize Your Eggs 

In each egg, add a magnet to magnetize the egg. Then each child will have a pole with a magnet on the end to pick up the egg. At the end, they can trade in their magnet eggs for prizes or candy filled ones. Be sure to look out for the younger ones as you do not want them to swallow a magnet by accident!

3. Color-Code Your Eggs

Assign a specific egg color to each child. This way they can only search for that color egg making it easier for those who may take a bit longer to pick up their eggs.

4. Attach Baskets to Wheelchair

This way they don’t need to put the baskets on their lap where they can fall off or spill over. Use some zip ties and attach them to their chairs.

5. Set a Limit

Have a specific number of eggs each kid can find. This will ensure everyone has the same number of eggs at the end. Then they can trade in for prizes or candy.

Have any other tips or advice for other families that have worked well? Let us know by commenting on our social media posts!