11 Disabled YouTubers You Should Subscribe To For Learning More About Life With Disabilities

Cure Rare Disease has curated a list of 11 YouTube creators that you should subscribe to in order to learn more about life with disabilities. This list includes everyone from makeup artists to Paralympic athletes, so there is sure to be a creator for you to relate to!

1. Aaron Fotheringham

Aaron Fotheringham is a pioneer in extreme sports, adapting classic BMX & skateboarding tricks and successfully implementing them as a wheelchair user. He coined the name “WCMX” for his sport and made a career out of excelling in these aerial, spinning, and grinding tricks. Fotheringham performed an incredible aerial routine in front of the world as he opened for the 2016 summer Paralympics in Rio. His YouTube channel features videos of his tricks and his time on tour across the world as a professional extreme athlete. You can check it out here!

2. Jessica Kellgren-Fozard

Jessica’s YouTube channel includes a variety of subjects, from videos about religion and disability, vintage western culture and fashion, history, and lifestyle. All of her videos include closed-captioning and sign language. Outside of YouTube, Kellgren-Fozard is an advocate for LGBT and disability rights, a mother, and a television presenter. Her love for all things vintage certainly makes her channel unique, while her inclusivity and warmth makes her a fun and easy watch. Check out her channel here.

3. Kaitlyn Dobrow

Kaitlyn is a self-taught makeup artist, creating a wide variety of makeup looks that range from everyday to costume makeup. She also proves to be multi-talented, showcasing cooking/recipe videos on her YouTube channel alongside her makeup tutorials. You can check her account here

4. Rocky Stoutenburgh

Rocky, otherwise known as RockyNoHands on YouTube, is a gaming streamer. His skill? He plays these high intensity games - and wins - by playing solely with his mouth. Rocky posts his gameplay on his YouTube, specializing in games such as WarZone, Call of Duty, and even Fortnite. Take a look here

5. Squirmy and Grubs.

Shane and Hannah Burcaw, otherwise known as “Squirmy and Grubs” on YouTube, are an inter-abled couple who post lifestyle videos. They touch on topics such as disability, relationships, and travel, while also vlogging their daily life and the challenges Shane faces in his health journey. Follow this journey here.

6. Annika Victoria

Annika is a university student and seamstress who posts DIY fashion and style videos on her channel. She is passionate about sustainability and teaching others how to pursue sustainable fashion through her DIY videos about upcycling and sewing. Learn something with her here

7. Em Carey

Em is an artist, as well as a travel, health and fitness influencer. She posts travel vlogs and documents her recovery from a skydiving accident. Follow her journey here.  

8. Sign Duo

Ryan Alex and Ellen Mika, known as Sign Duo on YouTube, are a couple from Irvine, California, who document their relationship as a hearing/non-hearing couple. Their channel consists of videos about their lifestyle, documenting things from Ryan’s health journey as a deaf man to the couple answering questions about deafness and inter-able relationships. Check it out here.

9. Liz Weintraub

Liz Weintraub is a disability policy advocate who hosts a show on the Association of University Centers on Disability. Her show, titled, “Tuesdays with Liz: Disability Policy for All,” shows her interviewing policy-makers about disability policy. Her aim is to educate others about such policy in a digestible way so that more voters and grassroots organizers can be involved in supporting disability rights. Check it out here!

10. Zach Anner

First known for winning Oprah's Your OWN Show: Oprah's Search for the Next TV Star, Zach is a TV host, comedian and an actor. He has also written a critically acclaimed memoir titled “ If at Birth You Don't Succeed: My Adventures with Disaster and Destiny.” On his YouTube channel, he is popular for his “Workout Wednesday” videos, where he mixes comedy and fitness as he documents himself doing various exercises. He also posts comedy skits and updates about his life, which you can check out here.

11. Wheelsnoheels - Gem Hubbard

Gem Hubbard is a Digital Creator with over 3.7 million hits on YouTube. She is arguably one of the top Disability Lifestyle Creators in the UK with an international following for her “Wheels no Heels” channels. Gem is increasingly known internationally for her work in furthering the horizons of people with and without disabilities. You can check out her channel here.