Cure Rare Disease has curated a list of 10 disabled influencers that you can follow on Twitter for more inclusive media! The list of influencers below consists of leaders within the disabled community, each fighting for inclusivity and representation. Specializing in areas from gaming to political advocacy, you can be inspired by these leaders’ work and journeys across each industry.

1. Vivek Gohil

Vivek Gohil advocates for accessible gaming advocacy on his social media platform here. You may also view his piece on Cure Rare Disease’s blog, 30 With DMD: Finding My Life’s Purpose, to learn more about his life’s journey. 

2. Neal Carter 

Neal Carter is the principal of Nu View Consulting, the only black and disabled owned political consulting firm, and the co-host of the Wheelin’ and Dealin’ political discussion podcast. You can follow his twitter here at @nealcarter.

3. Victoria M. Rodríguez-Roldán

Victoria M. Rodríguez-Roldán is a LGBTQIA and disability advocate presently working on policy within both areas. She is a senior policy manager of AIDS United and a board member of HIPS, Equality New York, Autistic Women & Nonbinary Network, and Disability Rights Bar Association. You can follow her twitter here at @yovimi

4. Matthew Cortland

Matthew Cortland, Esp. is a lawyer, chronic health advocate, and writer who heavily discusses public health and updates his twitter with his stories on healthcare. He is presently a Sr. Fellow of Data for Progress and is a policy director at Be a Hero. You can follow his twitter here at @mattbc.

5. Dawn M. Gibson

Dawn M. Gibson is an influencer who speaks on chronic health and has founded the weekly chat #spooniechat and #blerdchat. You can find her twitter here at @DawnMGibson

6. Ari Ne’eman

Ari Ne’eman is the founder of Autistic Self Advocacy Network and previously served in the U.S. National Council on Disability. He is presently a PhD candidate at Harvard in health policy and writing a book on American disability history for Simon & Schuster. You can follow his twitter here at @aneeman.

7. Vilissa Thompson

Vilissa Thompson is the founder of Ramp Your Voice which promotes self-advocacy and empowerment for PwDs, a social worker, and has created the Black Disability Syllabus. You can follow her twitter here at @VilisaThompson.

8. Sarah Blahovec

Sarah Blahovec is a chronically ill disability vote organizer for the National Council on Independent Living and disability civic engagement expert. You can find her twitter here at @Sblahov.

9. Keah Brown

Keah Brown is the creator of #disabledandcute, an author, an actress, and journalist writer with pieces such as “‘Disabled People Love Clothes Too’” published in the New York times. You can follow her twitter here at @Keah_Maria.

10. Judy Heuman

Judy Heumann is a disability rights activist, the host of The Heumann Perspective podcasts on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and author of Being Heumann and Rolling Warrior. You can follow her twitter here at @judithheumann.