10 Disabled TikTok Creators You Should Follow For a More Inclusive Feed

Cure Rare Disease has made a list of 10 disabled influencers that you can follow and watch on TikTok for a more inclusive feed! The list of influencers below consists of leaders within the disabled community who all show pride in their disability and fight for representation. They range from creators who express themselves through comedy to creators who spread awareness about their disability on this platform. 

1. Louie (@notlewy)

Louie is a comedian/musician who has 1.4 million followers on TikTok! While spreading awareness about his disability, he also creates entertainment through funny short videos on TikTok and music for people to listen to. Check him out at @notlewie on TikTok!

2. Spencer West (@spencer2thewest)

Spencer West is a comedian and activist on TikTok who is both an activist for LGBTQ rights as well as disability rights. Check him out at @spencer2thewest on TikTok!

3. Britt (@myelasticheart)

Britt is a leader in the disabled community who fights for justice with her content creation on Tiktok, she posts short videos to raise awareness about disabilities. Check her out at @myelasticheart.

4. Nic Hite (@leftyonhardmode)

Nic is another leader in this community on TikTok who is a robotics engineer and creates short videos regarding engineering. Check him out at @leftyonhardmode.

5. Kaya (@kayarecovers2)

Kaya is another leader who creates content on Tik Tok regarding her disability to share awareness. She also creates short videos for comedic and entertainment purposes. Check her out at @kayarecovers2.

6. Andy (@wheelsandadog)

Andy is another content creator who not only is a leader in the disabled community, but also the LGBTQ. She advocates for both communities through her short videos and gives representation to them. You can check her out at @wheelsandadog.

7. Bri Scalesse (@briscalesse)

Bri Scalesse is a leader who represents her community through short vlogs on body positivity. She creates fashion content and even though she is in a wheelchair, she became a model. You can check her out at @briscalesse.

8. Erin Novakowski (@wheelierin)

Erin Novakowski is a disability advocate on TikTok who has almost 700k followers. She creates comedic short videos and often actively opposes abelists that she encounters on the platform. You can check her out at @wheelierin.

9. Isabel Mavrides-Calderón (@powerfullyisa)

Isabel is a teenage leader in the disabled community who has a spinal injury and raises awareness about ableism and how to celebrate disability. You can check her out at @powerfullyisa

10. Rollettes_la (@rollettes_la)

The Rollettes are a Los Angeles-based women’s dance group in which all of the members are wheelchair bound. They have a large following on Tiktok and mainly post viral and trending dances, as well as disability awareness content. Check them out @rollettes_la