10 Disabled TikTok Creators You Should Follow For a More Inclusive Feed

In honor of March being National Disability Month, Cure Rare Disease has compiled a list of 10 disabled influencers to follow and watch on TikTok, ensuring a more inclusive feed. The list includes leaders from the disabled community who take pride in their disability and advocate for representation. These influencers represent a range of content creators, from those who express themselves through humor to those who raise awareness about their disability on the platform.

1. Brenna Huckaby (@bren_hucks)

Brenna Huckaby is a 3 x Gold Medalist Paralympic snowboarder, cancer survivor, content creator, disability educator, & mama. Check her out at @bren_hucks on TikTok!

2. Spencer West (@spencer2thewest)

Spencer West is a comedian and activist on TikTok who is both an activist for LGBTQ rights as well as disability rights. Check him out at @spencer2thewest on TikTok!

3. Britt (@myelasticheart)

Britt is a leader in the disabled community who fights for justice with her content creation on Tiktok, she posts short videos to raise awareness about disabilities. Check her out at @myelasticheart.

4. Nic Hite (@leftyonhardmode)

Nic is another leader in this community on TikTok who is a robotics engineer and creates short videos regarding engineering. Check him out at @leftyonhardmode.

5. Kaya (@kayarecovers2)

Kaya is another leader who creates content on Tik Tok regarding her disability to share awareness. She also creates short videos for comedic and entertainment purposes. Check her out at @kayarecovers2.

6. Molly Burke (@mollyburkeofficial)

Molly is another content creator who is a leader in the disabled community who is also blind. She is a speaker, digital creator, author, and advocate. You can check her out at @mollyburkeofficial.

7. Bri Scalesse (@briscalesse)

Bri Scalesse is a leader who represents her community through short vlogs on body positivity. She creates fashion content and even though she is in a wheelchair, she became a model. You can check her out at @briscalesse.

8. Amy Pohl (@amyepohl)

Amy Pohl is a disability advocate on TikTok who has over 3.4M followers. Her motto is "stop fighting yourself and start fighting for yourself". You can check her out at @amyepohl.

9. Isabel Mavrides-Calderón (@powerfullyisa)

Isabel is a teenage leader in the disabled community who has a spinal injury and raises awareness about ableism and how to celebrate disability. She wants people to know this: “Being disabled is neither inherently tragic nor inspirational. Disabled people don't need your pity. We need you to accept and celebrate us for who we are. By creating a more accessible world for disabled people, we create a better world for EVERYONE.” You can check her out at @powerfullyisa

10. Rollettes_la (@rollettes_la)

The Rollettes are a Los Angeles-based women’s dance group in which all of the members are wheelchair bound. They have a large following on Tiktok and mainly post viral and trending dances, as well as disability awareness content. Check them out @rollettes_la