Cure Rare Disease develops life-saving medicines for kids impacted by fatal, rare diseases.

A rare disease diagnosis often comes with physical challenges, so gaming provides an equal playing field for people of all abilities. With the support of the gaming community, Cure Rare Disease develops medicines to target the root cause of these rare diseases, allowing the kids affected to keep on playing.

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All support raised through streaming enable the development of life-saving medicines for kids like Fritz, Terry and many others!

Terry H.

Terry, 25, works in computer technology, and has always been passionate about gaming. Terry has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and was the catalyst behind Cure Rare Disease

Fritz K.

Fritz recently turned 5, and was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy in 2017. He lives with his family in AZ and wants to be a scientist when he grows up!

Cure Rare Disease is involved in esports in a variety of ways:

Influencer charity streams

Brand activations

Marathons and tournaments

Cure Rare Disease Streaming Ambassadors get exclusive access to:

Cure Rare Disease merchandise
In-game codes
Chances to win gaming systems
And more!

Case Study #1

Influencer charity streams


Streamer and content creator with over 8M subscribers on Youtube, Charlie partnered with CRD to help raise over $150,000!


Member of Team Liquid and #1 SSBM player. Raised over $10k in 2 days for CRD in a Smash Bros invitational.

Case Study #2

Elite Gamer Charity Tournament

In December 2020, Cure Rare Disease held one of its first 'Elite Gamer Charity Tournament featuring Fortnite' with the goal to unite the gaming community to push toward the fight against rare disease.

Our action-packed day accomplished sever objectives including:

590,821 impressions
20,755 engagements
24,218 mix concurrent viewers
398,342 total estimated live views
5,300+ players
$42,763 total donations raised

Are you a creator who is interested in joining the fight against rare disease?

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